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The symbol * throughout this transcription is not a part of the original text. It corresponds to notes below the entry. All other spelling, grammar, and punctuation are original unless otherwise noted.


The entry page numbers being used are as the author had listed the pages and do not represent the actual number of pages into the diary. For instance, though ‘page 1’ is the first to appear here, it is not the first page of the physical diary itself; there are a number of skipped pages throughout, filled with lists of books, numbers and prices, and accounts. Kept here are those pages, only, that have been numbered by the author.




Page 2




The first week pleasant after ellection cold and stormy last week quite pleasant. George finished husking corn about the 26th I helped him from the first to last, helped George Keefer* ten days Helped ellect old Abe the second time** the copperheads are beaten bad. Gen Sherman is marching through Georgia Destination unknown.


* The K in ‘Keefer’ might very well be a G. Not much can be said, though because of its capitalization it is probably a last name.


** In the original text it appears that there might be a comma (,) here. I have not included it because it may also be a non-important, accidental, mark on the page.


Note: This entry is from November of 1864.


Page 3


December 1864


Left Amboy Ills. the 15th for Herrick Bradford Pa.* stopt at Union City Mich. with the ??? and friends and others the 17-18th went over to Canada to see Mr. Church the 19th arrived at Waverly the 21st the 21 in the evening when it snowed and blowd of awful hard. ??? Branyan came with us from Waverly he came from Ills. Elkhorn grove. We are having a pretty good time here Christmas went of more satisfactory than the three previous onees.



*Herrick Township, Bradford County, Pa.


Page 4


January Herricksville Bradford 1865


Celebrated our (???) New year to Mrs Albert and George (???) also to Uncle Martins (???). Had snow every week was to an Oysterhappen (???) to Great lamps to a Party to me Armstrongs had a number of sleighrides, attended all the singing Schools in Herrick (Herriok???) had some severe cold days


Page 5


February Herrick (P???)


A tremendious side of snow fell this month help john (m.) ent and saw wood several times, fixed (Uncle, Urial???) Mertins and Johns block and eleven father ovenpacks (oven racks, over packs???).  attended singing School every Friday night (sometimes tango also on a week) Broth. Aldred arrived on 15 days furlough the 17th or 18th,  saw him the first time in 12* years Martin got married the 26th Rev. M. look at Mary all Alfred and I left Herrick the 28th we had a good but a rather short visit together.


*This might be a 13


Page 6


March Washington D.C


Alfred and I arrived here the evening of the 2d , the 2 3’ o clk.p.m he left on the mail boat for City point, I took lodge at the Soldiers lodge No. 4 on 389 H street*, had (incomeanagments???) from president of German which (whicf??? Wlicf) Ass. for a situation in some of the Departments, but they came to nought. (Commenced???) nightwatch at the A. m. Dep. The 9th put in 11 days in Mr. Ellis’s music store fixing and repairing instruments (e250) get $27,50 cts for it, in the night I have to stay on 5 hours, next month we will have to stand six hours.


*Pictured here:







Page 7


Washington, D.C. April 1865


Sunday 2nd Petersburgh reported captured yesterday (2???) to day.


Monday 3rd This morn the departments are being dressed in the stars and stripes. In front of the War Dep. I heard  Lee Stanton and vice Pr. Johnson and others address a large crowd, and reading dispatches stating that both Richmond and Petersburgh was ours, great were the cheers and applauses, the people are (Ammock???) with joy. I went to see the military parades at P. h (Pennsylvania ave???).


The 4th was another day of jubilee. This City was illuminated on both the nights of the 2nd and 4th. Bands could be heard and fireworks seen untill daylight. This news overjoys my heart but yet I am troubled, thinking of the whereabouts of brother Alfred.


*Written on the side is this: Richmond captured at 8.15 a.m.


Page 8


A letter from him would do some justice to my feelings.


The 6th I went through the Columbia and Mt. Pleasant Hospitals in search of some of the 141st but could find none, there were but few of the 2nd corps there. worked some in Neals music repair shop.


Sunday 9th saw the Iron blockade winner “Every” (Envey, Eney???) (which was captured lately) on the g. street warf.


Monday 10th woke up this morning by the firing of the (mourite???) guns. The papers have the surrender of Lee and his whole army, the (proplie???) buildings are again floating with the stars and stripes. It came.


Tuesday 11th This has been another day of jubilee. The illumination of the city could be seen in the Horizon untill nearly midnight. President Lincolns made a speech but I did not care (???) I was mad and (broken, broked? Unable???) see. Pay $22.75.


Page 9



Thursday 13th Every house in the City is decerated with the stars and stripes. The big guns too are booming away. I went on watch at 6 o’clk. P. M. such an illumination I never saw the air is full with the bursting rocket and all kinds of fireworks are displayed I worked some at Mr. Neals and Smiths, they seemed to be regular secessionist much dissatisfied by the illumination Smith especially. Got my boots fixed frayed $200 ($2.00)

Friday 14th This is the anniversary of Christs death. The (miserable???) day of the death of the martyr death of allmost a second Christ; of our most beloved President Abraham Lincoln, who (????) by the hand of the most brutal assassin the world ever knew, this night between the hours of 10 – 11 in Fords Theatre whilst every ones attention was upon

Page 10


the stage, this murderer (J. Wilkes Booth is written in here, probably at a later date) came in to the Presidents box and discharged a pistol within a few feet of his head, the President never spoke a word afterwards. About the same time another villain went into Secretary Sewards house and surprised the whole family wounding three Mr. Sewards a Messinger and a Servant it is well known that both of this cutthroats made good their escape. A reward of 10,000 Dolls is offered for the apprehension of the murderer.

Saturday the 15th Our much dearly beloved President gave up his gohst between the hours of 7-8 a.m. He has died, yet he lives! Saw his remains removed from Mr. Petersons  (opposite the Theatre) to the whitehouse, all spectators are silent yet their hearts speack aloud.


Page 11


The buildings both public and private are now being draped in mourning, the emblems of rejoicing have suddenly disapeared, the flag is at have mast “The people are mourning a martyred father”

Thursday April 18th I woke up with a heavey heart the murder of the President impressed upon my mind, I could not help but love him almost as a father where is another such a man? The white house is opened to the people to see the President once more, I went twice but cannot get in, there were to many emotions (anxious???) ones many like myself are disappointed a number of ladies fainted from being crowded. The Misus(Master???) Sewards and the wounded are all on their way of mourning. The murderers are not caught yet 4-0000 Dollars is the offer for their apprehentions, it is believed by

Page 12


Some that this would be murderer of Mr. Seward is captured, several parties have been arrested.


April 19, Four years ago to day the first (time, some???) martyrs fell in the streets of Baltimore (???) today our martyred President where away to be with us no more. This is the presidents funeral day another (a noted???) day to both the traitor and Patriot. Everyone says such a crowded lots (lady???) near known (???) the day of Washington People from near and abroad all anxious to see the funeral procession. It took one hour and a half for the precession to (pairs, jars???). The corpse was put in the rotunda in the capitol. The (cape???) worn by the (?????) and by most of the (???) also the mourning badge. Such a day I never expected to see, never wish to see again.


Page 13


Thursday april 20th 1865

Another day was given to the people to take a last view of the dearest President, there was not so much crowding done, every one who came could see him, the doors were left open until 9 o’clk. I saw him in the morning looked somewhat darker but natural. The rotunda presented a dark and solemn aspect. The coffin was the most magnificent one I ever beheld.


April 21 At 8 this morning the funeral train left the B and O RR. Depot for Springfield Ills. I went to see the train but again was kept near the depot keeping (???) people back. The murderer of the Sewards is said to be in (???)


Page 14


the other is yet at large the bounties for the capture of Booth are getting larger some have him captured but the pickets around the City are yet as (???) as ever no person is allowed to leave Washington without a pass.


Saturday settled with Mr (Mrs?) Neal got $11.00 evening.


Sunday april 23rd The Presidents remains are at Philadelphia everyone anxious to take a last farewell look.


An order from the Department prohibit the people (Prohibits the protection? Prevention?) of the capture of Booth.


Page 15


April 29th Saturday to day guns were fired in honor of the Surrender of Johnston to Sherman- Grant- War is over. An order from the War Department is to the affect that the government expenses will immidiatly be (adneed??? Volneed). The famous Booth-assassin- murderer the cowardy villain was killed last Friday the 27 near Front Royal Va. In a barn , by one of the 16th N.Y cavalry. He said before he died tell mother I died for my country the cowardly villain. I need $5.00 of Smith.


Page 16



(???) were opened this morn. At our base continued all day in honor of the funeral of our late President Abraham L. his ohonoerd (???) remains are at at rest at Oak hill Cemetry Springfield Ills. Need of Smith Neal $5.00 Several hundred government hand have been discharged yesterday and to day . We are looking for it too but (accerling???) to stories they may keep us this month yet.


*Lists of sizes appear here. (Probably numbers and accounts).


Page 17


May 5th wether wet but warm and pleasant. This evening we were told of our being selected. Monday we are promised to re earn (recauir, re our) pay. Then go home or where we please. read letter from Alfred from (Gethery, Joharg, Jehery???) of (???).


Saturday May 6th wether warm. Had a violent thunder shower last night. Saw some ripe Strawberries yesterday the (first???) of this season. 25 Cts from Neal.


Monday May 8th re’ed pay for 1 month an 5 days 35 dolls.


Saturday may 13th hunted all this week for a (flser?) was unsuccessful need 10 Doll. Of John F. Elles dd account. Told me to come and help in his store.


Page 18 (unmarked)


*There may be pages missing.


Monday went to the store met Frank Lee from Amboy there spent nearly all day with him looking around. (Invited???) in Amboy in Hancock (Georgia?) after the fall of Richmond was wiser than I.


Tuesday May 16th commenced a new job. For Mr. Ellis. Moving Pianos (and repairing.) Sent $5.00 to Alfred by his (Links???)


Saturday May 20th rained considerable to day and yesterday moved a 900 pound piano to the store from near R and 19th Street. Need #12.00 of Mr. Ellis.


Sunday May 21st (calculated???) to see Borth Alfred but it rained nearly all day, commencing early this morning.


Page 19


Tuesday May 23rd 1865

Another fine the great grand (reaction??)* commenced this morning at 9 o’clk grants army first poured through the Avenue** all day found Brother. Alfred was (weak) with him until they rested on 23rd street. Mr. Ellis went off. Paid me in advance $12.00


Wednesday May 24th fine weather. Shermans army passed the avenue to day found my Regt. It too took them all day to pass. So many Soldiers Washington never saw before.


Thursday 25. Alfred came in from his camp this morning to see me got pictures for him $6.20 worth. Left from Beyleyes (???) crossroads this P. M. Clark Camp came to see me stayed with me over night gave him 5.50 (5.00???) Doll. They have not need (re’cd) pay for nearly 9 months.

*Grand Review of the Armies, a military parade, started on this day and continued the next day as well.


**Pennsylvania Avenue


Page 20


Friday and Saturday 26th – 27th it rained joined march bound to Max (Bayley) of lo B. 12th Ill. (???) 20.00 Doll he gave me his watch Am Lev.


Sunday May. 28th went to Alfreds Camp near Bayleys cross roads (Va.) found all the Herrier (??) boys there well with the exception of Dillon Garwell (Carwell??) who wants (graile?) (??)


Tuesday May 30th weather fine brother Alfred called on me this morn is on his way to Harrisburg with his Regt. to be mustered on at there. Harvey the Clerk gave me 5 Dollars and then to broth Alfred.


June Thursday 1st to day is thanksgiving day we did not work this p.m. I went on to see my Regt. they are all (alive?) as well when I left them. Clerk (???) an smith welder. 5 Doll. Of Smith.


Page 21


Saturday June 3rd weather very warm to day we moved 12 pianos two melodeons; got 5 Doll. Of Clark (Clerk?)


Sunday June 4th this is a very hot day (Omsteered???) and I went out to Camp Berry to see about going to Texas could not find out.


Monday June 5th this is another warm day the morning is (exp, apt??) to go in the shade moved a piano out in the country. The mourning drapings of the white house are removed, but why the 60 days are not up yet.


Tuesday June 6th  it raind some last night to day has been real cool on a somewhat chilly (???) this eve.


Thursday June 8th the 6th Corps passed review to day a stand in front of the white house for the reviewing officers was (erected?) commenced night watch at Mr (War???) Springers Dep. The 7th night (???)


Page 22


Saturday June 10th weather very warm rained some yesterday and to day. A Regt. of Gen. Hancocks* Corps went a day or so ago to the wilderness to berry (bury?) the dead who fell there over one year ago. Then some (Thorsond???) are remaining there unburried, I never heard of it before, bought a shirt (27) by yesterday.


Monday June 12th weather very warm took some like (cooks come like rain??? Light rain???) rain, need $3.00 of Harvey Mr Ellis’s Clerk.


Friday June 16th moved two pianos (2) a melodeon at one load to georgetown got mad to late in rollcall hired a man to help move a piano.


Monday June 19th weather very warm went out to georgetown again with two pianos, had to leave the men again and went rollcall was just in time, it rained like blazes. got wet.


*Winfield Scott Hancock: fought in Gettysburg, ran for President in 1880.


Page 23


Tuesday June 20th raind considerable last night some this a.m. and this P.M. Mr. Ellis paid me all of $17.00, gave me (his? F?) little pocket knife which he bought on his excursion trip, in Canada, got back sound and safe both him and his Ladyship last Saturday. (the best man I ever worked for. he gave a present to all of his employees, I had a hard time on watch last night half sick and very sleepy.


Worked yesterday from 7. a.m. till (over?) by 6.P.M. to day from 1 P.M. till 5. P. M.

Wednesday from 7. A. M. to 5. P. M.

Thursday 7. A. M. till 5. P.M. moved a piano beyond georgetown near gen grants present residence.

Friday June 24th weather very warm worked from 7 A. M. till 5 P.M. helped unpacked a badly damaged Piano on (???)


Page 24


Saturday June 24th 1865

Weather very warm, yet hot. worked a while after 6 for Mr. Ellis (a all day) gave me $10.00. I found out the reason why some of the (tremolo? Tramps?) stops in Mr Smiths Parlor a few (again?) don’t work.


Sunday June 25th weather warm but cloudy W Olmstead was with me all day and all night.


Monday June 26th rained much to day did not work to store any to day. Bought me a pair of boots for * Dollars. got a permit of the provost marshal for bring cloths. Paid 50 cts for shaving and hair (curling?)


Tuesday June 27th weather comfortable this A.M. hot this P.M. bought me a linen coat and light pants cost $13.00


Page 25


Friday June 30th weather very warm, I worked 3 ½ days in the store this week.


Saturday July 1st 1865

Weather hot worked until 5 o’clk. Makes 4 ½ days this week.


Tuesday July 4th worked to store until 12 o’clk M. Frank Lee called on me, had been home on a furlough brought me some (letters?) from an express box from Amboy. Paid one dollar and a blanket for working/ paid of (???)

Wednesday July 5th got payed for (23) nights watching $22.75


Saturday July 8th weather hot yesterday four of the greatest murderers were hung Mrs (Serrant?) George Alzeroth Herold and Payne in the Prison yard near the U.S. Arsenal worked 4 ½ days for Mr. Ellis.


Page 26


Monday July 10th weather hot yet I am lame yet caused from falling out of the piano wagon last Saturday. Moved a piao from the Odd felow’s  Hall, the new driver turned it over on the pavement, broke it, Mr Ellis did not say much some men would have almost went crazy to see a brand new piano so badly broken up. paid 275$ for (lad giving?? Legging?) thre day ago.


Saturday the 15th weather cool, had some rain yesterday and the day before, the nights lately have been very cool. Worked 5 days for Mr. Wllis, (read?) a letter from Mich. another man of Mr. Ellis’s got hurt, broke his collarbone


Page 27


Monday July 17th 1865.

Weather warm fair new apples (f???) and peaches are in abundance worked from morn until 5 P.M.


Saturday July 22nd weather hot worked every day this week from morning to 5. P.M. to day until after 6 o’clk. (handed in my time.) got $2.00 of Henry the Clerk.


Tuesday July 25th weather very hot got a piano yesterday beyond gen. grants residents Georgetown at Mr or Ms. Laswells. Mr Ellis paid me for 19 days work $33.00 of which I need two last Saturday.


Thursday July 27 and 28th weather (??) hot thermometer stands as 104 in the shade had some ram (rum?) to night.


Page 28


Saturday July 29th weather very hot yet some breezy worked every day this week from morning to 5 P.M. had a violent rain shower this P.M. the water passed through the roof into the stove had to move Pianos and Melodeons out of the way


Monday June* 31st weather breezy had another hard storm worked only about one hour to day.


Tuesday June August 1st weather hot but breezy had another hard storm today. Mr Ellis payed me $10.50 for my last weeks work.


Thursday August 3rd weather hot got payed for one month working at Springers Department $29.70 bought a pair of pants and suspenters $5.00


*It says June but he meant July. Because of the cross out of June in the next entry as well as the repetition involved, it can be speculated that although he is writing about certain days, he did not write them on those days; they may have been written soon after.


Page 29


Saturday August 5th 1865

Weather warm breezy and cloudy worked 5 days from morning untill 5 P.M. tis week. Mr Ellis went visiting last Tuesday (Robert Helles Frovers Sheater)*


Saturday August 12th it has been cool and comfortable this week worked 6 days from morning until 5 P.M. lost 2 hours extra. Bought a hat $1 1/2




Thursday August 17th weather comfortable 1 night some chilly A row between the negroes and Soldiers occurred opposite my post at first I thought one or more negroes were killed an I heard some heavy blows and a revolver; only one black man was injured by a club or stone. Bought me a box of Adams Express contained (???) pickles (bttles) for $1.50


*I am not sure why this is underlined.


**Page break as he included it.


Page 30


Saturday August 19th

Mr Ellis returned yesterday payed me for three weeks work (or part of three) bought me a white shirt for $2.00




Sunday and Monday Aug. 20 and 21st

This has been two very hot days rained some Sunday night and to night late. Bought me two 50 D. R. S. (DUS??) bonds last Saturday paid 70 cts for them Canterburry




Saturday August 26th 1865

This has been a pleasant week (moderate) worked a few hours over 5 days this week.




Saturday Sept. 2nd 1865

Weather warm nights cool.

Worked about 5 days this week for Mr. Ellis.


Page 31


Saturday Sept. 9th 1865.

The heat has been more opressive this week than any time this Season, nights are again rather hot musqutoes plenty. Mr. Ellis payed me for three weeks work $30.20




Saturday Sept 16th 65

Weather hot worked over 5 days this week for Mr. Ellis he has gone to Richmond. Heard (Artemers???). (Waid??) Washington

For a shirt $3.50.


Received $4.00 about three weeks ago of Smith and (Neal???)


Saturday Sept. 23rd weather has again moderated this week nights are comfortable worked just 5 days this week. Withdrew my papers from the 2nd auditors and handed them to the pay department.


Page 32


Saturday Sept 29th 1865

Had some rain the latter part of the night, is quite comfortable and warm. Did not leave my bunk all day except meal times. Had awful pains last night kept pouring cold water on for several hours help remarkably ($4.00 Smith and Neal)


Saturday Oct 1st 1865

Had much pain in my (toe?) but can step again. Had a visit from W. Olmstead weather moderate rather windy.


Saturday Oct. 7th 1865

Need from John F. Ellis $38.50


Monday Oct 9th need $29.70 for night watching.


Page 33


Friday Oct 13th weather chilly and cold again, bought at the Hardens Express sale boxes worth $6.75 worth payed $4.00 Walter Olmstead the balances. Yesterday, to day bough a package but nothing was in it also a photograph, both $2.25


Saturday Oct 14th of John F. Ellis $8.80 for one weeks (or part of one weeks) work.


Nov 1st bought at the action* suspenders gloves scissors a soap woth

*He says action but meant auction.


Page 34


Saturday Nov. 4th weather very damp and rainy had to go up to the Lincoln Hospital (over 3 miles it must be) for our monthly pay. Re’cd $29.70

Need of John F. Ellis 27.20


Sunday Nov 5th weather cold but moderating ten of (#??) watchmen were transferred to day to the Lincoln Hospital ate hardtacks and soap for dinner for supper tea softbread and Washington (sash?)


Page 35


Saturday Nov 11th 65

Weather has been very fair this week yet mornings and evenings fresh nights cold; have dreaded the cold nights on watch. Need from John F. Ellis $10.00 paid out $6.00 for repairs of my watch.


Sunday Nov 12th weather very comfortable and warm but windy, went to see Olmstead at the (Outreatment???) Hospital


Saturday Nov 18th weather fair and warm has been real spring weather all this week. Heard from Broth Martins, sent me the pay (marters?) name.


Page 36


Sunday Nov 19th 65

Weather fair but windy and cloudy, growing cold. An accident occurred on the first street the Richmond train ran into one of the street cars injuring two persons badly breaking the street car into many pieves. Went to see Frank Lee at the Capital Hill Barracks, ate dinner with him was a (capitalone???)


Wednesday Nov 22 1865

Weather changable, bought one pair of shoes for $3.00 had broth Martins discharge (??) transferred to pay Department yesterday


Page 37


Saturday Nov 25th 1865

Weather moderate went to see about my and Martins pay twice this week mine is all right, but Martins Discharge they have not recid (re’cd?) yet at the pay Department the second Auditor referring them to pay D. the 20th inst. Need $13.15 from J.F. Ellis.


Wednesday Nov. 29th rained and snowed most all day is quite cold too.


Friday Dec 1st snow went all away yesterday; handed up Martins Discharge again from Maj (??) Stones I went to one after two doors north from their to Col. Dodges


Page 38


from Dodges to another office thence to the pay marter general Hansoms then to one of the Clerks to pay on (H. theves?) to the second Auditor from there to Maj Stones and maj Sallides (Jallide?) there to Col. Dodges again, nothing could be found of them (come next Monday) bought (counterpanes???) and dressing gowns yesterday $49.44 (49.99?) worth


Saturday Dec 2nd weather fair, bought a workers shirt for $2.50


Monday Dec 4th weather fine was to Mr. Dessair yesterday, am on the last (lief?) this week. Hunted up Martins Discharge again but without success.


Page 39


Wednesday Dec. 6th 1865

Weather fair, nothing they have found of Martins papers yet went through the whole Pay Department again. I might call again Friday! They will try and hunt them up.


Thursday Dec 7th to day is thanksgiving day and a fine day it is, the turkey was not very fine (hard tack and soap)


Saturday Dec 9th weather cold and cloudy commenced to snow this (??) but grew warmer rained towards night was cold and chilly on my post, worked about 3 houres this week, need pay for watching $29.70. looked up Martins Discharge again yesterday.


Page 40


Monday Dec 11th

Heard of Martins Discharge from at the county room the 14th inst. *


Dec. 15 went to the (Hanroms??) office from their to Col Dodge’s found that the Discharge was sent to Maj Ely’s Office found them there went to get an order from Maj. Sallade Office, hand it them to ared face man Mr Stone thought him first obliging but was deceived, he told me that our money or check for the some (???) would have to be sent to out Attorney first (els?) I had on or from him in that case I could (drop???) it, I told him he might have known that that was my intention and that I

*Note here: payed $4.00 for overcoat


Page 41


Told him once if there was an order (regired???) I had the promise of one from the attorney. I must have misunderstood him or he me he said.

I think them a lazy slow and negligent set of men taking a puff of cigar or a bite of an apple and another drive of the pen. My mind is made up to go home before Christmass, but how I do hate to leave my pay so uncertain.


Saturday Dec. 16th weather fair but cold bought a pair of Drawers and a necktie (1 125 lot 25???).


Page 42


Tuesday Dec 19th weather damp chilly and wet. Went to see Mr. Hawkins the supperintendent about my (watching) pay. Changed my mind shall wait until next Tuesday sent for an (AAA???) Order to D. A. Book (look?).


Friday Dec. 22nd weather very fine and clear helped Mr. ellis bring some (Jurkins? Franklins?) to the store payed $13.00 for 2 at the market. They must be Chistmass presents to some of the hands!


Saturday Dec 23rd weather fine took my supper last night and to night at the (greenmandair?) saloon went to several Action rooms during the eve.


Page 43


Sunday Dep. 24th commenced snowing very sudden last night, snowed and rained (??) all day, felt very comfortable on fort (port?) from 5 to 12 midnight a considerable firing took place in honor of the Christmas day


Christmassday Dec 25

It snowed and rained considerable all day the 4.00 Dollar Turkey Dinner at the mess house was better than we ever expected; had some for supper.


Wednesday Thursday and Friday Dec 27, 28, a 29 were warm and nice.


Page 44


Saturday Dec. 30th commenced snowing this morning early. Snowed all day.

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